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How Implant Supported Dentures Are Placed

Permanent Dentures Improve Your Lifestyle

Implant supported dentures with Dr. Omid Fard and Dr. Ellie Dary in Oakley, CA are unique because they are designed to snap right on top of a set of dental implants. This reduces the risk of slipping that is fairly common with traditional dentures. Removable implant dentures can be taken out easily for cleaning purposes, while fixed implant dentures work just like your permanent teeth and cannot be removed.

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Implant Retained Dentures in Oakley, CA

Regular dentures sit on the top of the gums, which can contribute to bone loss over time. Since there is a small space between the dentures and gums, you may experience complications such as slipping or clicking sounds. Implant dentures are attached to the mouth with a set of dental implants, eliminating the need for adhesives or pastes, and can be placed in both the upper and lower jaw.

Bar-Retained Dentures in Oakley, CA

Bar-Retained Dentures

These types of dentures require inserting three or more dental implants into the jaw bone. Metal bars are placed along the gum line to create a base on which a set of dentures will sit and attach with small clips. This creates a very secure fit. Patients who have proceeded with this type of implant denture do not have to deal with the loosening or rubbing associated with traditional dentures.

Ball-Retained Dentures in Oakley, CA

Ball-Retained Dentures

These implant dentures are connected with a ball and socket mechanism and provide an extremely secure fit. This allows for the creation of an open palate denture and ensures the patient can eat and speak properly.

Implant dentures provide numerous benefits over traditional dentures. Contact our office today to schedule your denture consultation in Oakley, CA with Dr. Fard and Dr. Dary!