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Treatment for Gum Recession in Oakley, CA

Gum Recession Treatment Options

We offer several effective options for treating gum recession.

If you have sensitive teeth or are self-conscious about your smile, consider a gum grafting procedure.

Getting Treatment for Gum Recession in Oakley, CA

If you have loose teeth or receding gums, you must contact Dr. Fard and Dr. Dary for an appointment as soon as possible. You may experience other symptoms such as sensitive teeth, gum pain, and inflammation of the gums. Gum recession is often a sign of gum disease. Seeking treatment early can ward off further problems.

The treatment plan we put together to address your gum recession will depend on the cause. Our dental hygienist will make sure you are using the correct brushing and flossing techniques so that you are not damaging your gums when cleaning your teeth. If you have periodontal disease, we may need to perform scaling and root planing therapy or laser gum disease treatment to restore your oral health.

Treating Gum Recession Effectively

If you have receding gums because of gum disease or an underlying oral health problem, you need to make sure you get treatment from Dr. Omid Fard and Dr. Ellie Dary in Oakley, CA as early as possible. Some of the reasons it is so important to treat gum recession include:

  • Maintain a healthy looking smile
  • Reduce tooth sensitivity
  • Reduce the risk of loose teeth
  • Reduce the risk of root cavities and structural damage

Gum tissues that have receded will not grow back on their own; therefore, treatment to restore the gum line is of great importance. If you are concerned about sensitive teeth or other oral health problems in Oakley, CA, schedule your consultation with Dr. Fard and Dr. Dary today.